Support Mailing Lists

When asking us and the Aliacta user community a question through a mailing list, please consider the following first:

If your question is not strictly about an Aliacta product, but is a pure PostgreSQL question or a pure REALbasic question for example, then please ask your question on the PostgreSQL or REALbasic mailing lists instead.

Please reserve the use of Aliacta mailing lists for their original purpose only. Thank you.

Subscribe to the mailing list for Aliacta's PostgreSQL related products (pgSQL4RB and Eduphant) for your support questions and to receive announcements of product updates.

Bug Reports

Before you submit a bug report, please make sure you have totally isolated the problem and it is not due to another product than the Aliacta product (or your own coding ;-). If you are not sure submit the problem to the support mailing list first.

If you submit a sample project, make sure it is reduced to the bare minimum required to make the bug occur.

Please send your bug reports to bugsaliactacom.

Feature Requests

You may discuss these on the support mailing list first, and if you decide to officially submit them then please use the following address: featuresaliactacom.


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